Smoke and Water in Black Magic Ceremonies

All tribal groups use smoke and water in rituals that invoke supernatural powers to heal and unite communities. Tracing the ceremonies of ancient tribes to modern faiths is simply a matter of putting two and two together. The Australian aborigines, who are recognised as a continuation of a culture from some 60,000 plus years ago there is a striking resemblance between their most sacred ceremony and the Catholic Mass. In a recent portrayal of that ceremony the skin of the partakers (all men) were painted in white and they wore red armbands and headbands. They sprinkled water around and lit branches of gum trees to provide smoke which they then circled their area with. The smoke is used to drive away evil spirits. They used chant and song as part of the ritual.

A connection to the Catholic Mass was apparent where priests cover their bodies in white robes and the elders wear red cloaks and mortars on their heads. They also sprinkle water around the audience and use smoke (incense) to drive away evil spirits. During the ceremony there is much chanting (prayers) and songs (hymns) taking place. The reality is that very little has changed. They still worship in the same way only now they have buildings. Instead of the audience sitting on the ground they have pews. Instead of paint they have fabric, and the gum leaves are replaced by incense. So what is different?

In a recent report from Nigeria concerning the preparation of girls for prostitution duties in Italy the Shaman performs a very similar ritual. With that the victim supposedly took a vow that she would work to repay 50,000 Euros to the ‘madam’ who sponsored her to the country. Because they believe that they will suffer horrible diseases, such as cancer or stroke, if they don’t fulfil the contract these girls are trapped by their mental state and the black magic performed over them. There are, according to the report, some 20,000 girls working in Italy from Nigeria. They are visible on the streets and along highways and yet this Catholic country does nothing to dissuade the trade. The traffickers responsible are making a fortune as are the ‘boyfriends’ of the girls in Nigeria.

My experience of reincarnation and the information given to me by the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God, shows that the Catholic Church is a partner in black magic. It has no concern for the women, some of whom service up to ten men in a day and they work seven days a week. Poverty, destitution, and extreme of rich and poor in countries where the Catholic Church dominates, such as in African and South American countries, the extremes and double standards point to a corrupt system. Brainwashed from birth to believe that the ‘spirits’ have extreme power is the same in every religion. Only those with a link to the Spirit and who are guided from within know to come away from them and not fall for their power.