What to Look For in Your Maternity and Nursing Pajama Set

Got sleep? Most new moms have got more than enough milk, but are seriously lacking in the sleep department. If you pregnant and in that final trimester, you are probably already getting some practice of night waking from the sheer discomfort of a growing belly and middle of the night kicks from your baby not to mention a quickly shrinking bladder. After you have your baby sleep is even a scarcer commodity with nightly feedings and diaper changes. However, sleep is the most important thing you can do for your body and your baby when pregnant and for you’re your postpartum recovery and milk production. Anything that can help you get more sleep, from enlisting your husband with night-time diaper duty to recruiting friends, family or outside help with meals and chores. Finding the most comfortable and functional maternity and nursing pajamas can also go a long way toward making sleep easier for you.

Most nursing pajamas are also made to fit for maternity with extra room in the tummy, bust, hips and thighs as well as with a little extra stretch for changing shapes. When you shop for maternity pajamas when you are pregnant, look for ones with easy nursing access and enough bust room as you will may go up a cup size when nursing in the early months. Also look for pajama bottoms which fit under the belly a comfortable stretchy band. Usually wider bands are more comfortable then short and tight ones and will restrict better without getting stretched out during your last months of pregnancy.

Comfortable fabric is important too as postpartum skin is in recovery mode from huge weight and hormone fluctuations. Many pregnant and postpartum women are more prone to rashes and breasts are more sensitive from nursing. Fabrics with cotton blends as well as organic fabrics are usually better for sensitive skin. You will want some stretch to the fabric as well, so some degree of spandex can be helpful in accommodating sizing changes. Japanese Weekend makes a Cotton/Spandex maternity and nursing pajama with cap sleeves and ¾ sleeves. This pajama is made for during and after your pregnancy with easy stretchy cross-over style top for nursing access.

Unless you live somewhere either extremely cold or hot, you may want to opt for a year-round style that is comfortable in most climates so you can wear your pajamas most of the year. Cap sleeves or ¾ sleeve pajama tops with cropped pajama pants work wonderfully most the year through. Long sleeves and long pant pajamas are pretty much limited to winter months and sleeveless or cami tops with shorts or strappy nighties are usually better for only warm months. Maternity and nursing pajamas with a bit of sleeve and cropped pants can also double as loungewear for all the family and friends that will want to stop by to meet and greet the new arrival and can be worn anytime of the year.

Nursing pajamas with robe sets are also a good option for loungewear or we should say “daywear” after you have you baby. Oftentimes new moms find themselves living in their pajamas in the early weeks and months after having their baby as days and nights blur with full time baby care and postpartum recovery. Pajamas with coordinating robe sets make dressing easier and are nice to wear in the daytime too, especially when you are greeting baby guests. You also politely send the message to visitors that you are recovering and need your sleep while maintaining your modesty in mixed company. Majamas has a beautiful lace sleepset with a comfortable wrap robe which coordinates with a V neck lace nightie. Belabumbum also has an adorable blue dot and pink dot maternity and nursing robe which coordinates with their nursing chemise.

Finally it’s always fun to match with your baby who will probably be living in sleep clothes for the early months since what newborns do the most is sleep. So why not buy a cute coordinating sleepset to coordinate with your baby. Olian Maternity has a variety of patterns and colors in 4 piece nursing sleepset ensembles that are both stylish and comfortable. These sets are great to take to the hospital for your first pictures with your new baby. Baby sleepers will usually fit your baby up to six months and your nursing pajama and robe will probably last you well beyond your baby’s first year!