Genetic Considerations For Egg Donation

For a lot of egg donation recipients, they need to understand the genetic background of their egg donor prior to making a final decision on proceeding egg donor Phoenix with that specific egg donation program. This may require some research into the likelihood of their egg donation baby inheriting specific physical traits.

When we consider eye colour – it is one of the characteristic traits that can be predicted – to a certain extent – but certainly a scientific calculation. Dominant eye colour genes are as follows: brown, hazel, amber, green, blue, grey and violet. Eye colours are also graded by three major colours, being brown, yellow and grey. The quantity of each colour in the eye will determine the eye colour appearance on the outside. Green eyes have a lot of yellow, while blue eyes have little yellow and no brown.

When doing the genetic research, it is not a clear and simple solution to consider the mere known factors as there are other variables that will influence the child’s genetic make-up. On a simple level, green is dominant over blue, brown is dominant over blue. To get a real reflection, understanding the eye colours of siblings, parents and detailed genetic material will only give a 25% or 50% chance of influencing an eye colour.

Genes are complex materials and embarking on an egg donation program means you are are adopting a set of genes. Whilst every one’s perspective of an ideal egg donor program differs, a professional opinion in what to consider for a perfect egg donor remains a reasonably good physical and social match as far as possible. If the egg donor is quite similar to the recipient of donor eggs, then how nature makes up the miracle baby is left to divine devices. An egg donation agency will be able to guide recipients about this in more detail.