Australian Beach Destination Guide

When it comes to beaches there is no denying that Australia has been truly blessed. From white sandy beaches for swimming, surfing or snorkelling on the Great Barrier reef there are beaches to suit everyone. Byron Bay Holiday Accommodation Let’s look at some of the more popular beach destinations for an Australian beach holiday.

Gold Coast, Queensland:

Even the Americans are on to the Gold Coast. Holiday apartments are harder to secure in the peak season but they are the best way to get close to the beach action and views. 10 million people visited the Gold Coast in 2008 and in 2009 you can see what they were there enjoying. Parasailing, water sports, and of course, a bit of sun worship are definitely the order of the day.

Noosa, Queensland:

Each March surfers head to Noosa. Accommodation can be hard to find, but holiday rentals are an excellent choice for making the most of your holiday. As one of the few beaches that faces north, even if you are not watching the surfers in March you’ll find a lot going on in Noosa year-round. Do watch on Alexandria Beach – clothing is optional!

Port Douglas, Queensland:

Port Douglas accommodation is hard to find in peak season, so book early if you are wanting this to be your beach destination in 2009. And there are so many reasons to make Port Douglas your oceanic destination! Naturally, there’s the Great Barrier Reef, plus the surfing, and then the onshore 4 wheel drive adventures are a gas. You can sun year round as well, without even having to get in the water.

Byron Bay, New South Wales:

As the Wet sets in, land lubbers all over Oz start dreaming of Byron Bay holiday homes. If you can’t own it, you can at least rent one for a long vacation. The white sandy beaches are perfect for sunning, or you can climb the steep shores with binoculars and gander at the water life. Both whales on migration and bottlenose dolphins are frequently spotted here. Parasailing, gliding, surfing and scuba are also on offer here. It’s also a very earthy, alternative style hippy zone, so you can totally unwind from the real world as you bask on the shore.

Jervis Bay, New South Wales:

Parts of Jervis are protected national park, and it’s no wonder. Stunningly beautiful, you’ll want to plan your trip early to book anything during the busy school holiday seasons such as Christmas and New Year this is one of the most popular destinations on the South Coast. Everyone and their dog and a colony of fairy penguins heads out here, or so it seems. Only a couple of hours drive south of Sydney, Jervis offers an easy to reach holiday spot for a long weekend or longer stay. Surf, fish, dive or trek in the Boonderee National Park during your stay. Sea kayaking has also recently gotten huge here, so if you tire of sunning yourself on the beach you can have a go at it as rentals are readily available.